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[se muestran fragmentos de un minuto de cada vídeo, sin audio]


Video instalation 40’ B/N 2013

Revision of Dreyer’s film The Passion of Joan of Arc, using fragments of frames stripped of all presence of the body.

The leaving out of the body in this specific film, which is paradoxically usually defined as a “symphony of close-ups”, uncovers an interest in the latter unfocused shot, the outer scene, and the discarded thing. The image is overextended till making visible the particles’ noise between the objects or the never really empty space.

The original film narrates as well Joan of Arc’s body withdrawal process through pain. The history, which sequences’ linear order has been respected, is reconstructed from the absence as a base. The empty space appears as the suffering subject of the absence of flesh.

The decision of each shot’s surgical cut encloses the question of what is and what is not body, where finishes its trace.

Disembodied was edited between the months of November of 2012 and March of 2013 fitting in time with the body’s withdrawal process of my mother, Carmen.
It is dedicated to her.

Press release (spanish): Documento del documento. Domingo Ortega.


Video Endoscopy. 4’ 58’’ color 2012.

Endoscopy inside a bass saxophone.

Tract is the image of an inert place, which when touched, it becomes an organic center, a confluence of the dry and the moist, the perfect and the throbbing, the calculated and the unpredictable. Is a journey through an interior preserved, the path through the dark cave whose holes arises breathing, halite and noise.

Pilar Martín Gila

Music: Sergio Blardony

Performer: Andrés Gomis. Sounds recorded from a bass saxophon Selmer Serie II.

Production: IFIDMA

Video available at Ob-art gallery.

Odi et amo

Video and video instalation. HDV. 8’13’’.color 2011

I hate and I love. Why do I do this, perhaps you ask? I do not know, but I feel it happening and I am tormented.

Catullus 85

Principio cruel del amante extremo: construir el cuerpo del sujeto amado a imagen y semejanza de su deseo y de su dolor. Registro del proceso artístico como metáfora de la construcción de un cuerpo del placer-dolor.

Performer: Marta Azparren

Production and photography: Raquel Samaniego

acta est fabula

Video HDV. 5’ 22’’ color 2010.

(Latin phrase, ‘fiction is over’.)

Formula that announced, in the ancient Rome, the end of theater plays.

The solo dialogue between creator and its audience it’s the work itself.

Actor: Ziad Chakaroun. Production: Raquel Samaniego.

Video available at Ob-art gallery.

Alephs Project

Vídeo Instalación. 7 vídeos más documental. Color 2010.

El proyecto Alephs consiste en una serie de acciones grabadas en vídeo sobre la experiencia de una visita a un museo de arte contemporáneo por un grupo de ciegos, donde siete guías (una poeta, una historiadora de arte, un dramaturgo, dos artistas plásticos, un director de teatro y un músico…), les describirán o traducirán a través de su particular mirada una pintura abstracta cada uno. Los vídeos resultantes de las acciones, nunca muestran el cuadro descrito sino sólo al grupo de ciegos y al guía, de tal forma que el espectador final, invidente o no, tendrá también, que re-crear la imagen basándose en las palabras o sonidos de los guías.

Descargar dossier | Blog del proyecto

sonata to a man of action

Videodance Stopmotion. 5’ 03’’. color 2007

Action dance for plastic muscles.

Recording of a dance piece by Elliott Cooper, dancer, choreographer and former U.S. military, he works from his particular body mobility and visual images inspired by his past war experiences.

More information about Cooper in his facebook page:
Elliott Cooper.

Dancer: Elliott Cooper. Lighting: David Picazo. Production: Raquel Samaniego.

Watch video on Vimeo

the goalkeeper and the void

Video. Machinima. 3’ 56’’ b/n y color 2009.

“I confess that I have applied to art aspects learned on football.”

Eduardo Chillida

Machinima (created with the video game Pro Evolution Soccer 09) about the thoughts of Eduardo Chillida, the sculptor / goalkeeper, about space, time and sculpture, from within the three-dimensional void football goal.

Music: Carolina García-Gasco. Production: Raquel Samaniego.

Video available at Ob-art gallery

think only of the jump

Vídeo. Night shot. 8’. color 2008

Reflections in a loud voice without gender, de-generated, about Virginia Woolf’s “A room of one’s own” and the concept of “woman artist.” In the book, Woolf suggests that a woman needs her own room to create and not less than 500 pounds a year.

The piece was part, as an appendix, of a special edition of the works of Virginia Woolf, which included interviews with women artists. The video was intended as a way of answering questions of the interview like: Are women still too protected?

Voice: Domingo Ortega. Production: Raquel Samaniego.

the artist’s fish

DV color 3’ 44’’ color 2008.

In a kitchen in Buenos Aires someone told me the story of the artist Mario Darío Grandi, as a legend of those times when artists used to go hungry.

This video is a registration of an action-tribute to the sacrifice of the artist and to the concept of art as food. The picture resulting from the action now hangs in my kitchen, where I often cook fish.

Action: Marta Azparren. Production: Raquel Samaniego.

and the birds will keep on singing...

Video. DV 3’ 51’’. color 2007

“Y yo me iré. Y se quedarán los pájaros cantando”

Juan Ramón Jiménez.

The title comes from some Juan Ramon Jiménez’s verses about his death: “And I will go away and the birds will keep on singing.”

Who could resist registering the day after his death? The camera would be the perfect extention, the most desired gadget. That supereye that prolongs our eye after death.

Daily images recorded from my balcony the day after the day of my death.

Production: Raquel Samaniego.

Vídeo estrenado en La Bacía (Sociedad Cervantina) en Madrid, dentro del ciclo “Dejar el cuerpo” comisariado por Susana Blas.
Mención especial en el festival Madatac 04. Vídeo estrenado en marzo de 2012 en Madrid, formando parte de “La geometría y el temblor” espectáculo multidisciplinar música / poesía / arte en escena. Mostrado en: Art Beijing 2013 (Pekin), Kassel Dokfest (Kassel), Madatac 04 (Madrid), Festival Mixtur (Barcelona), Festival de Música Contemporánea (Córdoba), Festival IVAHM (International Video Art House Madrid 2012), Irreconciliables Festival de Poesía (Málaga).
Vídeo estrenado dentro de la exposición Fábulas Problemáticas inaugurada en la Antigua Tabacalera en 2011, organizada por el MEC y comisariada por Susana Blas, actualmente en itinerancia de la AECID por Santiago de Chile, Rosario, Buenos Aires, Bogotá, México D.F., Miami, La Paz, Managua, San Salvador, Antigüa, Asunción, Panamá, Montevideo, Santo Domingo y La Habana.
Video shown at: Festival Videoformes (Clermont-Ferrand), Festival Facing the Artwork (Werkleitz-Centre for Media Art, Halle), Festival Escena Contemporánea (Madrid), Festival Bang! (Barcelona), Teatro Pradillo, la más Bella Revista (Madrid).
El proyecto Alephs fue presentado en el stand de Tentaciones de Estampa 2010, 18 Feria Internacional de Arte Múltiple Contemporáneo. Beca de Artes Plásticas de la Comunidad de Madrid en la convocatoria de 2009.
Vídeo shown at: DFA’s Dance on Camera Festival (New York), Festival MOVES (Manchester), Óptica Festival (Gijón y Madrid), VAD Festival (Girona), FRAME (Porto), Premi Videodansa (Mercat dels flors, Barcelona), Instituto Cervantes (Manchester), Cruce (Madrid).
Jury Priza at Machinima Expo. Video shown at: New Media Film Festival (Los Angeles), Camaguey’s Videoart Festival (Cuba), Videomix La Casa Encendida (Madrid), tv programm Metrópolis (la 2 tve), UAM Xoximilco Ciudad de México (México), CeC - Carnival of eCreativity (Sattal, India)
Video shown at: Miradas de Mujer Festival La Casa Encendida (Madrid), Escena Contemporánea festival (Madrid), Canto de la Cabra Theater (Madrid).
Video shown at: Art Hotel Fair, ZMB Zambucho Gallery (Cartagena), Jornadas de apertura del Teatro Pradillo (Madrid), Canto de la Cabra Theater (Madrid).
Video shown at: Off Loop (Barcelona), Laydown (Madrid), VideoLooking LH Festival (Barcelona), Aventuras Visuales (Madrid), Canto de la Cabra Theater (Madrid).
Video shown at: la Nuit Blanche, Instituto Cervantes (París), Óptica Festival (Gijón and Madrid), Espacio Menos Uno (Madrid), Canto de la Cabra Theater (Madrid).
Video shown at: LifeAd 2012 , Azyl &Busho Festivals (Budapest), Click&Rec, video festival section of Photoespaña (Madrid), Canto de la Cabra Theater (Madrid).
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